Who I am

One of my writing partners called me ‘Moonbaby”  once and it just seemed to click.  I’m a Farmgirl, caregiver, business owner and proud furmommy who likes to moonlight (haha) as a want-to-be-writer.  Almost two years ago I began roleplaying in hopes it would expand my ability to develop characters.  TammyJo is my first character I started developing On Twitter. She commands the most attention in my head, possibly because of my writing partner Kaleb who pushes me to let go and let it flow.  I am blessed to have him as a RP partner and even more blessed to call him friend.

This website is new to me even if it says it has been around for a while.  I am still learning and trying so please be patient with me and if you have suggestions, I am open to them.  While everyone has different writing styles I tend to write on my trusty Blackberry that is never far from my side.

While TammyJo may be my favorite she is far from alone in my head.  Miranda and Wesley were my first attempt at creating and role-playing both sides of a couple on Twitter and their story that started there seems to dim in the restrictions the pair must meet in order to fit the following and interactions they have.  I love the story they have started in my head and it is getting louder and demanding to get out.  I hope it does, and soon. 🙂

Update: I’m writing as TJ Whelan, it is also the “name” of one of my characters but as time has moved on it feels better and better as a pen-name. While I am a TJ in real life, the Whelan is an homage to grandparents. This year with the blogathon that I’m participating in I’m hoping to find myself a little more since recent evens have caused me to lose and question some parts that I thought were sound. The contents of these writings will only be limited by my mind, and if you know anything about me, you know that could get really interesting.

Till then, enjoy, comment and inspire me.



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