Miranda Sue and Wesley

Miranda Sue Morgan was a young girl when fate had her cross paths with Wesley Allan Lovell that hot Texas night in the woods.  A hereditary witch and a pure blood red werewolf, both groups equally rare in their own way, became something even more unique when they crossed long standing rules of supernatural etiquette and dared to fall for each other.  The pair soon learned that sometimes there are rules for a reason as life’s trials  hardened their paths, as well as their resolves.  Will they defy the odds and make it to happily ever after, or will their lives once thought to be a fairy tale turn into a cautionary one instead?

Miranda Sue (Morgan) Lovell is a country girl, Wiccan and mom to Aidan. She is a lover of full moons and bad boys, the later usually comes back to cause her grief. She is currently separated from her husband Wesley and trying to settle in and make her way in a small Lousiana town very much like the one in Texas where she was raised.

Wesley Allan Lovell is the first son of the second “wife” of an Alpha Werewolf packleader in a tiny Texas town.  The pack’s numbers are dwindling and the Red Werewolves are in as much danger of extinction as their red wolf brothers that call Texas and the Southwest home.  He is battling to balance what he must do to what he wants to do.  Pack obligations and his own temper may end up costing him the one thing that he wants most in life, a family with his wife Miranda, or RaeRae as he calls her, and their son Aidan.

These characters are original creations of mine (for now known as TJ or TXMoonbaby)  that for now are living in the imaginary world outlined by someone else.  Interested in following their story as it unfolds on twitter?  http://www.twitter.com/RandiSue__ http://www.twitter.com/WesLovell

Note:  For now their story on Twitter is on hold.  Although the accounts are still there, they are not active.  Hopefully they will be again and soon.


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