I Can Hear You

Yes dear I can hear you in my head. Since the idea was given to me by my muse you have been growing more and more confident and louder and louder. I see your back story, I see your enemy, I see your heartache…but what I can’t see is time to work on you.

Six AM and I am awake from a sound sleep with problems on the farm, problems, mind you, that were JUST fixed and it is almost 12:30. I have Isaac in the gulf, people calling to check to see if we’re ready and I want to hide in my office with my laptop and create Clancy. (Yeah I know, others didn’t like the name either. I still do. *shrugs*)

Tonight is Meet the local high school athletes and I have a niece who will be performing with the dance troup. I’d love to see it, maybe I can combine it with a trip to get diesel and supplies?

Where do they keep the time? Not Thyme, that stuff doesn’t work the same. I need some of the other, an economy pack of patience and a life-time supply of calm.

I wouldn’t mind a little success thrown in if you have any to spare. Well success in writing, I am making my own in other areas.

This weekend was HORRIBLE as far as relationships with my family goes. Dad treats my former stepbrothers like little adults when they are just kids. One roped pig, a herd of loose cows and lots of my ruffled feathers I got the gun the little monsters stole from my farmhand while they were nosing around in my barns and control rooms where they had no place being.

Add this morning’s massive water system failure in a room where their muddy hand prints are everywhere? I totally feel justified in demanding that they not step foot on my farm again. I realize that Dad may bring them, but I warned him to not let the hellions out of the truck.

Now back to Dear Clancy. I find my writings so far have had lots of pop culture references and humor in them. That is what I prefer to read, so it makes sense that is what I write. I’m the type of person that enjoys the kids movies but like to see the frozen prehistoric animals giving the Spock Salutation in the background.

While I realize that if I add the brown-chicken brown-cow to my writing that I want to, it WON’T be suitable for kids (DUH) but I guess I’m hoping that although I’m new to this game I can write something that the folks that grew up on Harry Potter and *cant type the words* can bridge into while still attracting more seasoned readers like me.

Did I dance around that well enough? 😉

Oh well, I’m rambling now and by the time I get my phone to post this the 5 mins I gave myself to write will be over.

Until next time…


About TXMoonbaby

Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

2 thoughts on “I Can Hear You

  1. Peter says:

    Bridging the gap is difficult, but definitely not impossible, especially considering that the YA genre as a whole has gotten darker, grittier, and racier than the stuff we used to read way back when. A little sex with your violence will not necessarily bar older teenagers from your audience, depending on how it is handled.

    And gods, do I ever know the conundrum of finding the time to entertain the muse and sate the inner voices. The moment I achieve the proper balance, I promise to let you in on the secret. *chuckles*

    • TXMoonbaby says:

      In this case the “Muse” was actually my friend Kaleb whom I asked to give me a challenge. From that simple request to write about vampires that can eat came Clancy. K has always been my muse, you have earned the title Fairy God-Author and the characters are quickly going to earn me a straight jacket it life doesn’t settle down some so I can give them their due.

      You know you were right, the voices ARE real. 😉

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