Hello Trouble

My working dog turned indoor pampered pet has been having cabin fever, and who am I to lie, so have I. Today with everything that is going on at the house and farm I decided to take advantage of being tied to a cellphone, stuck on the farm and an overcast day to head outside and do some weeding and prep in what were the strawberry beds.

I say what were because, well these beds stopped holding strawberries two seasons ago. Two years ago Dad had the great idea to use these raised beds for blackberries but the same fate found them that had awaited the strawberries. My cats loved lounging in them and waiting for the Blue jays and Mocking birds that came down to pick at the fruit and the bugs that were drawn to it. Since I don’t like using chemicals unless I have to, and building a wire screen also kept ME from walking by and popping a fresh berry in my mouth, once the frost hit, these beds were forgotten only to find next spring they had been covered by soaking Milo buckets, potting supplies and the electric fence Dad had threatened the bed with but I put my foot down about it.

The beds also had two things that I can’t stand. Poison Ivy and East Texas Fire Ants.

Now it use to be if I got poison ivy I would just have blisters in that area, but now it is like the stuff goes on my body’s superhighway and travels to places via my blood stream. It takes oral steroids and shots of cortisone to treat it now and I have to get it early or the affected area expands rapidly.

Fire ants? They suck. I can remember stories of me as a toddler, just starting to walk and being outside with my family. I stumbled and fell…right in the only fire ant mound in our yard. Seems this has come full circle now, thirty plus years later and I’m still finding fire ant mounds. I’ve tried that trick of taking fire ants from different mounds and battling them against each other. I think our Texas fire ants are smarter than that. Like they have mini belt buckles that say Bubba or tiny John Deere or Lone Star Feed hats. Regardless, I’m looking for a solution to my fire ant problem that doesn’t involve moving from Texas. Maybe I do need to try chemical means…then again maybe I should lose the joy of dirt under my fingernails and wear gloves.

Got a suggestion for me? Hit me up in my comments.

Till Next Time…


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Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

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