May Days and Plans for Planting

May is always busy on a farm. Hay season is under way, grass is looking greener on the other side of the fence that the cows jump or break and usually it is the first opportunity I have to do something in my yard in the post-tax exhaustion. This year it is a little different.

I had to file an extension for the first time in my life for not only my taxes but for all of the taxes. Dad’s normal neediness and passive aggressive attempts at making my life as hard as it can be bent me so that I had to make this call. (Please notice I said bent not broke…I’m stronger than that…maybe!)

There is another distinction though. Last year the East Texas drought just kicked the lands ass and many farmers’ as well. I have 6 huge live oak trees that had to be cut down in my yard and 10 more that need to be cut. It just hurts to see things change that much around here. The other part of that is with the water situation I didn’t feel comfortable using what resources we had on trees/flowers/shrubs so I had to take a hands off approach and if it lived it lived. (In all fairness I also had DOF (Dear Old Fart aka Daddy) recovering from back surgery in my home. There wasn’t time for gardening of any type past a certain point.)

So part of what I hope to accomplish this month is to at least start the recovery to my yard. I have a few ideas of how to reuse some items that would have been tossed as scrap and success or failure I’m posting pictures because if it doesn’t work I hope one of you out there reading this will help me find a solution.

I’m also going to try to find my Handbook of North American Species and find native plants in the wild that I can transplant.

Most importantly I’m going to try to do all of this, including buying a new outdoor grill for under $750 in additional money being spent. That may be a totally unrealistic number considering how huge my yard is and I’ll probably have to adjust both the budget and my expectations along the way, but I’ll keep you informed.

Till Next Time…


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Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

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