Dreaming my Dreams with You

I couldn’t breathe well, whatever they had put on the rag still burned my throat. I was still fighting but without oxygen I had all the fight of an angry kitten. A slap to my face seemed to reverberate through my skull and whatever the leader hissed at my ear seemed to be lost in the waves of pain.

I must have lost consciousness because when I awoke I was hanging from a wall by silver chains, my skin seared with it and I jerked when a leather clad hand came forward to comfort me or shut up my groans, I wasn’t sure. Ointment was applied to my wrists and water was brought to my lips. I didn’t realize my lower lip was busted until the sodium in the tepid water touched it, then I could remember being clocked in the jaw with a chain wrapped fist.

I drank the water greedily finding my throat parched and realized that I was able to breathe better. My chest didn’t seem so constricted, the tickle of what was left of the stays on my corset top against my skin informed me of why.

Realizing I would be smarter to keep quiet I managed to fight the fear and ask about the driver from the car. He was a father and husband and even though I wasn’t sure what was going on I was sure Mark was innocent of everything except being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I guess that I didn’t beg or plead for my life amused the leader because he laughed although calling that sound something with a pleasant connotation seemed wrong. He made his way from the shadowy corner and snapped his fingers while two baby faced guys brought him a stool and a bottle of amber liquid.

He sat there sipping the booze and staring at me. I wasn’t going to piss him off further by asking the question again, but I refused to cower to this man, so I met his gaze, not in challenge not in respect but rather in acknowledgement of his authority at this point. I wasn’t sure how long ago I had been taken but I knew I had to be missed by now and that I would be found.

It was hard to hide the relief this brought to me and apparently it showed in my eyes because one minute the aging biker was sitting, the next he had a fist full of my hair and was hissing in my ear jerking my head back painfully.

Then I felt him jerk the necklace from around my neck breaking it’s clasp and I jerked my head to follow it tearing my hair from my scalp despite his quick reaction to let go.

As he walked away I heard him tell the guys to dose the water heavier or there wouldn’t be anything left of me to ransom assuming the “damn vamp” still wanted me. That was the last straw, the final piece of information that I could handle, my brain gave in to the drugs and let itself be shut down and I lost consciousness.

I woke up beside Roman being soothed and comforted and I wasn’t sure if it was a nightmare or a remembrance. The face was familiar but so many of the events didn’t add up. Maybe all the turmoil in my life right now had made me drag up old memories and fears. There really wasn’t any similarities between TX long ago and Roman now right?

I don’t even know how to begin to explain about that part of my past to Roman. How do I explain that the worst thing that happened in my life came to visit my dreams and he was in them with me.


About TXMoonbaby

Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

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