TammyJo’s Dad

The following is a rough workup of TXWulf’s background.  It has changed over the almost two years that TammyJo has been alive in my head and just recently went through another change.  Most of the details have been set from the beginning and it only needs smoothing but since one of my goals was for the development of TJ as a character, I decided to break this background out and rely on my Type A personality to force me in to finally finishing it sometime this century. LOL Enjoy!


Thomas Xavier is an alpha werewolf. His father was raised in a family of prosperity but little power until the great depression. While his family’s pack suffered along side the rest of the world TX’s ancestor came in to power with promises to help the pack survive while money was so tight. By the time TX was a teenager his family owned one of the largest farms specializing in fresh produce. Selling on a larger scale allowed the pack to earn more rations of what they needed and assured that it’s members would never go hungry. Grandfather Wulf built upon the family and pack fortunes with investment in commodities and Texas-based industries so by the time TX came along the family coffers as well as the packs were well stocked and the legacy of the Wulf’s being alpha seemed to be secured. That wasn’t enough for George Washington Wulf. He wanted to increase the ranks of the pack insuring that they were more of a contender in the land they shared with other packs. In doing this he instituted numerous breedings, forbade mating for life except for the wolves who already were and he himself took several women into his home, only settling upon marriage when he was certain a woman carried his son in her womb.

TX grew up watching his mother deal with her husband’s infidelities to their marriage and seeing long time pack members leave the pure red wolf pack to join a much more open and inclusive mixed pack. He was determined to go back to a time where the pack held respect and promise to others but was caught up in the status quo until he came to power. Once TX became alpha he met Lila who he later made his wife and treated her like a queen and equal.

TX chose to increase the pack by adopting children and taking in strays and lone wolves if they could tie their bloodlines to Red wolves in any way. His wife delivered to him a healthy daughter and while he never hid what he was, he tried to keep his family grounded and centered while living a quiet life in small town politics.

His family and pack life seemed perfect until the leader of a band of clanless wolves decided to take a shining to his daughter Tammy Jo. TX objected to losing any of his females who weren’t willing to go and join another pack, let alone his daughter. One night coming from a political rally where TX announced his intention to run for a larger state office, TammyJo was attacked and kidnapped by the rogue pack. TX immediately went to an enemy he never thought he would align himself with, one of the most powerful vampires in Texas. In return for TammyJo’s return and placement into a life that would give her protection from the likes of those who kidnapped her TX had to go farther into politics than his small town and state aspirations. TX agreed, as if he had a choice, and so began a long road that finally ended up in the US Senate. His platform was white bread, middle America, anti-anything that was out of place in a white picket fence world all the while working behind the scenes to make sure that vampire rights were not derailed. More importantly, his cover kept him in the loop and associated with the real power behind the anti-vampire lobby who would turn into the anti-were lobby as soon as they went public. TX found himself in the know and as such, the vampires and the weres knew the true enemy they faced.


About TXMoonbaby

Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

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