5 Favorite Places to Write

It is a Theme Day for the Blogathon. Today’s topic is our five favorite places to write. As you read just realize I fully admit to being weird, but I’m happy weird and hopefully you’ll be able to tell that as well.  Just remember85-90% of my writing is done on my Blackberry so some of these places are as awkward as you think. :0)

My truck

Well, my truck when I’m sitting in it just outside of my house. I love writing during those glorious minutes while the vehicle stays warm or cool after it has been shut off. The radio plays for a time, I’m alone and safe in my steel and glass bubble. I can smell the leather interior and have a view of the world. Its different than looking out of the windows in the house, it feels like I’m a part of it, even though I’m encased in my bubble. Still I know all I have to do is open the door and I’m there.

My bed

I’m not talking piled up on pillows with a laptop in my lap or in front of me, even though I do that sometimes too. No, I am dressed or undressed for bed, laying on my stomach snuggled under the covers and tapping words out of my blackberry. I know when I take my medicine at night I have a limited amount of time before it puts me to sleep so I take advantage of it.

My patio furniture

It doesn’t matter if I’m on the porch or in the yard, it is just something about being outside. The hummingbirds come up and chat in the summer, there is at least one dog on my foot or in my lap and sometime the jackasses come for a visit. Despite all of the company I’m alone with my feelings and in my mind. If my phone rings I can ignore it and there isn’t anything inside that distracts me with needing to be done.

My bathroom

Don’t give me that look! It’s not like that. That ‘area’ that you’re thinking of is walled off in my bathroom. I have a tub area and then a dressing area with a built in vanity. Sometimes I run a huge bubble bath and soak in it and pick up my blackberry to write. Sometimes I sit at the vanity and write while a mint julep mask sets and dries. I just tend to multitask and I see writing as ‘Me Time’ so I take it where I can.

Beside my timer

Between being taught to teach writing by someone schooled in The New Jersey Writing Project in Texas style (now Abydos Learning International) and my Flylady days this device seems to be a constant in my life for the last ten years. I set the timer for 5 or 10 minutes and just start to write. I may be jotting things for ideas to write later or writing an anger/rant session so I don’t say it out loud. There is just something about sitting down and letting it all hang out for that certain amount of time. I rarely write past the timer, if so it is just enough to remind me where I am for the next time I pick the piece up.

(This blogathon has made me think of that more and more often, especially when I see all of the ‘be’ verbs I use. It may be time to fight the spiders and find those old books and notes…shh don’t tell The Flylady. lol)


About TXMoonbaby

Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

2 thoughts on “5 Favorite Places to Write

  1. Love the image of you sitting in your still warm truck tapping away.

    One question: how hard/easy is it to write on your BlackBerry? I use my Droid to text but haven’t ever considered using it to write per se because I’d never be able to type as fast as I can on a regular keyboard (and I’m fast, 90 wpm or more).


    • TXMoonbaby says:

      To me sitting and looking at the Blackberry screen is less intimidating than looking at an open word processor document. Sometimes seeing the bright open page does as much to derail my train of thought as someone walking in and carrying on a conversation. I am not as fast as you at typing, only about 80 wpm, but I typed several of the 500+ word blogs in less than 10 minutes including running a spell check before emailing it to my writing account. It may just work better for me because I never know where I’ll be but I always have my Blackberry with me if I get a chance to write.

      Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Blogathon and thanks for taking the time to read my blog.


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