Birthdays with Roman Part2

Upset by being treated with kid gloves I decided to drown my hurt feelings in some of Wayne’s famous fries. These were no ordinary French fries mind you, they were something that could only appeal to drunks, and truckers or an emotional teenager with their fries topped with country gravy, melted cheese, and sautéed onions. Wayne seeing my mood added chocolate chocolate chip waffles with tons of whipped cream. I guess he thought if he gave me chocolate I wouldn’t be as likely to bitch. Yeah, it worked then, it still does.

It should come as little surprise to you that when Roman and I left the strip club and headed over to the truck stop on my birthday that I ordered those fries and added chicken strips. Roman made as much fun of me that night as he did the first night acting like he had never seen such a strange concoction before. I sweetly replied I had never heard of anyone eating fish stew either so I guess we were even. As Roman drank a Royalty Reserve, something that I thought was strange for the truck stop to carry, we sat in the booth and talked about our first meeting some more. We made quiet a stir in the place but sat and pretended it was only us. A pair of tourists from some small little Podunk place who had stopped off to refuel was brave enough to come ask for a picture. I wasn’t inclined to agree to it, but Roman spoke before I could. He agreed for us both but only if we could have a copy and if there was someone in the place that could cut his hair. The look on my face must have said volumes because he chuckled and whispered in my ear not to worry, it would grow back in no time if there was anyone brave enough to cut it. I couldn’t help but snicker at him when one of the waitresses, a fang banger no less piped up that she was about to graduate from cosmetology school. Roman who had set the terms kept his word and we went outside and posed for the couple beside the trees leading into the entrance. We took the picture, swapped the image via bluetooth connection and went back inside the diner to finish dinner and settle the check; at least that is what I thought.

To my surprise when I got back inside waiting on the table of our booth was a huge stack of chocolate chocolate chip waffles with ice and whipped cream with a candle in the middle of it burning. I’ll admit, I got teary eyed even though Roman swore he didn’t remember that I ate those waffles that night he just knew I liked chocolate. Either way, he was extremely thoughtful and instead of making a wish I sent up a thank you for letting him come into my life.

(To Be Continued)


About TXMoonbaby

Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

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