Birthdays with Roman

I can honestly say I had no idea what to prepare myself for during a birthday celebration with Roman. I know he has gone to birthday parties before, and Fang is infamous for its Dracula Night party but for a mortal girl that he’s been with less than 3 months, well Roman the Romantic or not I wasn’t expecting more than dinner and hot sex. As usual, Roman surprised me. No, the sex was still hot and there was dinner, it just wasn’t what I had imagined.

There is this restaurant that we go to in Shreveport. It is where we went on our first date, a place that has good food and caters to vampire clientele so I just assumed that’s where we’d go. Roman, the buttmunch, even tricked me by mentioning the valet. Where we ended up didn’t have valet service or serve 5 star meals, in fact, our first stop didn’t serve food at all unless you considered the too salty peanuts and mystery trail mix food.

I didn’t but Lucky’s had significance for Roman and I, it was where we first met. Lucky’s was a bar/strip club just off I-20 on the outskirts of Dallas that was beside a Truck stop by the same name. Rumor has it the owner got tired of lot lizards prowling his parking lot so he built the strip club to cash in where he could and save the rest of his clientele that wasn’t interested. I guess you have to give greed props some of the time right?

Anyway Roman and I met at this bar. I felt comfortable their because I knew the bartender and the bouncer, that and they let me in before I was 21. I guess that is one of the perks of being a pack alpha’s daughter. Roman was there because the Biker/strip club he frequented in Dallas was closed due to the owner/guitar gods death. I guess that had to be, crap, almost 7 years ago? Hard to imagine Dimebag has been gone that long.

Dimebag Darrell Abbott was our first topic of conversation. Seems like a lot of The Clubhouse regulars had sought out other places to mourn their loss or indulge their totally nude dancing girls fetish. The Clubhouse closed down as soon as the news of what happened in Ohio hit and already there was talk of the next day having a makeshift memorial take place outside of the club. I admit to being upset by the loss of a fellow Texan and one hell of a guitar player. For me Dimebag ranked right up there with Stevie Ray Vaughan in the awesome Texas player department. Some smartass comment from Roman lead to our first disagreement.

Roman was under the WRONG impression that Jimi Hendrix topped SRV, and while that may or may not be the case, you don’t say that to a Texan in Texas and I told him as much in my twangy growl. The bleach blonde bimbo on his arm Carresa beamed when mine and Roman’s voice became raised and when Roman made some unflattering comment about my werestatus I’ll admit, my 18 year old self threatened to bite his “Rude ass”. Lets just say I was surprised when he fanged at me and warned me he bit back. We spent a long pause measuring each other before we turned to different conversational partners. I was speaking with Bobby who came over thinking he was going to get to rough someone up and Roman spoke with “Carresa” *rolls my eyes* I guess I unknowingly kept drawing Roman’s attention because soon Bobby escorted me to the door and told me to wait next door for him and he’d see me home after work

Having not seen Roman before I figured it unlikely that my path would ever cross his again, little did I know that it would, later that same night and not 100 feet away.

(To Be Continued…)


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Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

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