Heart to Heart

This is an exerpt from a role play session with my character TammyJo and my partner Kaleb’s character Roman.  We tried something new for me, trying to interact in more than 140 characters with or without a multiplier.  This entire roleplay session will eventually be posted by both of us to our Tumblr accounts or maybe I will add him as a contributor here. 

If you are interested in following more of our story a Twitter list is available here: 


Roman opened his eyes and looked around the still foreign room. It had been two days since officially moving into the place and he still wasn’t used to it, though he was glad to be out of that hotel. Sitting up slowly, he smiled at the light under the bathroom door and the sound of the shower. He debated briefly on joining her but heard the water turn off as he moved to slip from the bed. He would wait for her, maybe pretend to be still dead for the day and surprise her. Laying back to the pillow, he closed his eyes and masked the smile the thought threatened to bring to his face.

TJ wrapped a towel around her hair and one around her body and reached for her moisturizer before realizing she left it by the bed. Things still hadn’t found their forever place in the new house yet, but especially after the recent developments she was glad to be here in the house.  She walked out of the bathroom and moved to her side of the bed, seeing that Roman was still dead for the day, wishing she could have waited for him and rechristened the huge shower.

He could sense her as she neared though he noted she was light on her feet, stealthy. Feeling the movement of the bed as she sat, he moved like a flash, his mouth on her neck, arms around her giving a playful growl against her skin. “You gotta watch out for the vampires…sneaky bastards”.

She couldn’t help but squeak out a startled sound as his arms encircled her but the sound quickly turned into a chuckle hearing his words. “I only have to worry about one vampire, he’ll handle the rest of them for me.” she replied giving him better access to her neck.

Taking advantage of the exposed skin, he let his fangs run lightly up and down the curve of her neck to her bare shoulder, kissing lightly every now and then. “Not just vampires…handsy weres too.”

She couldn’t help when a frustrated sigh escaped unsure if Roman was talking about him handling the weres or that she should watch out for those too. “Roman, do, do you think that I did something to bring that on? I mean, do you blame me?” she asked worry clear in her tone.

Lifting his head from her shoulder at the sound of the sigh, he frowned slightly at the question. “Are you asking me if I think you did it on purpose? I..I don’t know babe, I wasn’t there. Do you want to?…I mean Is it a were thing? Like some sort of animal attraction? Or do you just want to fuck him?”

She took a deep breath while she tried to figure out how to explain what she was afraid it was, needing to be near him she leaned back before speaking, barely above a whisper. “No, I know you could have told if I was lying when I told you about the kiss so I’m not asking that it is just…well complicated.” she said before stopping. “I guess, did I tell you what Levy said? He thought that it could be something like pheromones with me. I don’t know, like a vibe I’m giving off but not on purpose ya know?”

Leaning back against the headboard with her as she leans into him, he nods, his chin over her shoulder. “I…didn’t know how to ask but yeah. I’ve sensed something different for a few weeks now. Couldn’t put my finger on it. He’s an Alpha right?…and you are too…maybe it’s like mother nature fucking with you…I..” pauses, deciding just how to tell her that he read her journal entry. “I…know you’ve been thinking about kids..” He decided to leave it at that for now.


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Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

One thought on “Heart to Heart

  1. Very nice -smiles- Looking forward to both of you writing more than a paragraph apiece though….

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