First of Many (Part One)

So there I was standing in the fridge trying to cool down and I swear I could hear Warren cursing as he was unloading the truck. I’m not sure what just happened but I know that I’m never going to short tip a pizza delivery guy again, the one tonight probably saved me from doing something stupid. God knows I didn’t have the strength or will to stop it.

What the fuck is going on with me? It is like I’m a horny teenager around Warren. He’s a great guy and we have a lot in common but damnit I love Roman. I Love Roman…I LOVE Roman.

So Warren and I choked down pizza and washed it down with soda while we made polite small talk. We totally ignored the pink elephant in the room and managed to stay on opposite sides of the kitchen island from each other. I tried not to imagine Warren picking me up and laying me back on the island after he ripped my shorts off, and I swear the way that man responded it was like he could read my mind.

I decided not to press my luck with a ride back to the hotel with Warren so I lied. I said that Roman was suppose to be coming back here with me tonight and I’d just wait for him here. Warren almost growled at the mention of Roman’s name. I was starting to feel like a bone the neighborhood dogs were fighting over.

I let enough time pass that I was sure Warren was gone and I was relatively safe from my rash actions and I called Roman leaving a voice mail for him, asking him to come to the house and pick me up and I’d explain why when he got here.

I then went about doing things around the house. TX and Rafe had gone back to Washington due to recent developments and Connor had gone back to Texas to handle some issues with the pack. I took the opportunity to strip the beds and wash the linens. Still I knew that mindless everyday tasks would help soothe me.

I had just put the last pillow on the last bed when I heard the rumble of Roman’s motorcycle in the drive. I quickly went to the door and arrived just after the doorbell rang. Roman should have felt me getting closer right? My heart raced at him being so formal.

It was then I realized that he hadn’t been in the house since it became mine, well ours. The look on Roman’s face broke my heart. He looked a little uncertain and a little angry before he hid what he felt behind a mask. I fought past the squeezing of my heart to put on a smile and welcomed him home. As soon as the words were spoken and that invisible barrier disappeared I pulled Roman to me and kissed him, trying to burn away the look I had seen on his face with the love and passion I felt for him.

Roman forced me to come up for air and I growled in frustration. The sound alone was enough to make me take a step back and look ashamed. I didn’t want Roman to think I was angry with him, especially when I was actually relieved to have him by my side.

Our first stop on the tour of the house was the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of red wine and him a Royalty Reserved and we began walking through the house with me telling him what still needed to be accomplished and him making suggestion. I was in mid-sip when I realized that he still hadn’t seen his surprise so I quickly pulled him in to his private library. There at the focal point of the room was his massive salt water tank. After I reassured him the glass was bullet proof and the cabinet was solid he seemed to relax, I had heard tales of some of his and Eric’s friendly outings, I didn’t want my floors ruined or the fish to die.

So as Roman stood over the tank taking in the fish I sat on the couch and debated telling him what I needed to about earlier tonight. I had almost talked myself out of it when he turned, strode back to me and sat down beside me. He took my hand, brushed my hair behind my ear and asked me to just say it because the worry was about to make him go mad.

To Be Continued…

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Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

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