Turn The Page (originally posted 2/1/2011 on txmoonbaby.tumblr.com)

Once upon a time there was a tiger, wolf and a vampire.

Sounds like a twisted child’s fairy tale or the opening line to some dirty joke, but it’s not. It’s my life.

The vampire is @QueenBlackwood and the person whom although I don’t owe fealty to, I respect greatly as a just and fair ruler. The fact that she is more open minded than most vampires probably helps that a bit. The person she is inside, the things she has seen and yet managed to overcome is responsible for a bit more. I find myself studying her ways. It is too often a rare thing in a leader with as much power as she wields to know her liabilities and assets so well and she seems to have an uncanny ability to not only know them but use them. One asset is the weres she does not shy away from, instead she encourages relationships with them, even the rarest.

Her tiger is among these and @TigerLevy shares the distinction to be hers alone to call.  He is…perplexing. He serves as bodyguard and is helping me with my job. He is also driving me nuts, braking my chastity streak by giving me some of the best sex of my recent life and serving as a cuddle buddy when we are only sleeping in the bed.  He tends to be overprotective. His overprotective streak, of course, drives me insane.  In a way, I guess it is kind of nice but it also freaks me out.  No, really freaks me out to the point that I became scared and ran away.   That first time didn’t last long but I’ve been more successful on my second attempt, even if I do miss him.  Please God don’t repeat that to anyone, let alone him.

And of course I am the wolf. Trouble Magnet extraordinaire, Daddy’s little girl who according to him traveled to the dark side the first time I failed to keep Fangers, his word not mine,  from feeding from me. My official title is Two Natured Liaison to Queen Blackwood  for Louisiana, at least for now. If I don’t start making more progress it may be “wolfskin rug formerly known as TammyJo”.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’ve not been late with a single report, I keep finding information and I’m trying to piece it all together but there seems to be this big piece missing. Maybe Queen Blackwood hasn’t felt that I need to know everything but my fear is that perhaps she doesn’t know herself. Not many people could hope to keep information from @QueenBlackwood and survive, yet I’m sure her former lover Eric Northman MIGHT be among them.

@SheriffNorthman seems to be her trusted friend. Granted she has known him multiple mortal lifetimes, but something in my gut tells me that he’s holding something back. Maybe that is unfair of me. I don’t mean to imply he would do anything to harm Queen Blackwood, at least not at this point, but something is just…off. It could be lingering distrust of him for his offer to turn my friend long ago. Then again it could be my reaction to his almost palatable dislike for me. I swear, I let one vamp bite me in his club and suddenly I’m Typhoid TJ.

Eh, it’s ok. It doesn’t really effect me, unless it causes me to be even more determined to prove him wrong about me. Surely he should realize that Queen Blackwood wouldn’t have me around just because I provide comic relief. I MIGHT be looking forward to proving him wrong about me in some aspects.

Unfortunately I can’t prove him wrong about them all. That vampire I let bite me? Yeah, that’d be @RomanLucious. He and I have an unusual relationship, if you can call it that. I guess part of it could be because of where we met. Who would expect to see a girl like me in a bar like that. I was still at least attempting to please my dad. He would have freaked to know the big blond biker vamp I met that night has finally become my lover.  Lover sounds so serious,  LUSTer might be more accurate but sounds more like a way to describe his eyes than a term to describe what we do to destroy a hotel room full of furniture. ;0)

I can’t let myself think about Roman too much. I enjoy spending time with him way more than I should.  Between him and Levy I have to work to keep my thoughts on my task, not to the naughty memories of…well that’s another story.

Sometimes I think the vampires are lucky, they have all the time in the world baring second death. Me, I’m not so lucky. I know my time is limited, both here in Shreveport and on this earth…I guess that’s why I’m determined to make the most of it, before it’s time to go on to the next chapter.


About TXMoonbaby

Farmgirl, caregiver, furmommy and try-to-be-writer who floods Twitter with the antics of the characters in my head, like @TammyJo__.

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