Red River Reverie then Revelations…

If it was true that opposites attracted then Wesley knew he was the shadow and darkness to Miranda’s light.  There was more than one reason why he called her RaeRae.  She was like a ray of sunshine into his world, or would she be a ray of moonlight, like the shining orb that hung full on the night they first met? Yes, she was definitely more moonlight than sunshine.  She had a certain darkness about her, but it wasn’t in her person, it was in the people she attracted.  Wesley knew this to be the case, because he was one of the ones that was attracted to her.  The things that he had seen and done in his short years made him tired just thinking about them.  He was full of regrets, regrets for how he behaved, and how he hadn’t.  Saying it was water under the bridge only worked if one didn’t want to jump off said bridge and pray to break his neck.

That is where Wesley was.  Ready to jump headlong into something without knowing where it might land him.  He had all but already lost her, what harm can it be to see which way she would fall if he took out his anger and frustration on the man who caused all of this?  The vampire who had dared to touch what was his.

Damn it,  Miranda WAS his, had been since the first time he saw her when she was 16.  That night he made his first kill, he would never regret that he saved her, but he would always regret that he couldn’t be the man she needed him to be.  God had he tried.  Expectations from the pack and his father had all but drug him in opposite directions from where his heart lay, in Miranda’s tender hands.  She was his greatest weakness and as such, he had to be harder and more ruthless to keep her, and later their son Aidan, protected.

A smile crosses Wesley’s face as he thinks of Miranda and Aidan.  They are the reasons why he keeps taking breaths, why he wills his heart to keep beating, even now that it is shattered.  Who knew that a simple family outing to watch fireworks could cause so much trouble?

In a perfect world, he would just cross that bridge and get Miranda back.  This wasn’t a perfect world, and he was far from a perfect person.  He couldn’t go back and change things that had happened, but he would try to show RaeRae that he was trying.  That was what July 4th was suppose to be.  They had tried so hard to muddle their way through Mother’s day and Father’s day, and with each one things got a little easier, but RaeRae loved fireworks, and this would be the first year Aidan would be old enough to appreciate them.  Luckily they weren’t far from Shreveport and that town a had a huge celebration.  They could go and make a day of it.  That was just what Wesley intended.

That morning he had called Miranda all excited, and asked her if she wanted to take Aidan to see the fireworks.  The town had a small festival going and between the live music, food venders and the fountains that people would seek as the temperatures rose, it should be a great time…and a public one….that would show Miranda how he could be when he wasn’t surrounded by pack obligations and he could just be Wesley, the man who loved her.

Later when they arrived, they surveyed the area and staked their claim on a choice piece of property, upwind from the port-a-potties  and near all the action where Aidan could nap in the shade.  They laughed, played, and picnicked on the fair food and when Miranda got powdered sugar on her lips from the funnel cake, Wesley leaned in and kissed it away.  That kiss was sweeter than the sugar on her lips and the fact that for a few wonderful seconds she kissed him back made the earth stop and filled him with hope that maybe all wasn’t lost.

So Wesley went on enjoying the day, and as darkness fell he and Miranda laid back on the blankets, Aidan sitting between, and watched the fireworks shoot over the Red River.  Sure it wasn’t Washington DC, or New York City…but it was perfect because she was here.  Her wide eyed wonder at the colorful explosions in the sky reminded him yet again why he fell in love with her and strengthened his resolve to not let anyone or anything come between them again.  Not Miranda’s stubbornness, not his temper and damn sure not some blonde biker vampire.  No, the man and beast in Wesley agreed on this, RaeRae was THEIRS and no one, especially a fucking corpse was going to take her away.

The days events wore both Aidan and Miranda out, and not long after they got back to Wesley’s truck, both of them were asleep.  Wesley drove them back away from the River District and debated taking them back to his hotel, not wanting to show Miranda the home he was remodeling until it was finished, but knowing that she would be more comfortable back in her Bon Temps home.  So he headed out of town, and listened to the  stereo as Chris Cornell’s Moonchild came on the iPod’s shuffle.  He can remember when RaeRae would sing this song to him and then later when she would sing it to her belly soothing Aidan as she drifted off to sleep.  When Miranda stirred, Wesley just knew that she was hearing the song  subconsciously and he smiled once again.  If that song still spoke to her, then….wait what did Miranda just say?  He couldn’t quite make it out, but Miranda never made another sound and soon he was pulling into the driveway.

Wesley left the truck running while he took Aidan out of the backseat and into the house, getting him settled before going back to get Miranda.  When he opened the passenger side door it was quite obvious that Miranda was having a sensual dream by the look on her face.  As Wesley eased his arms behind her neck and reached over to turn off the key his arm brushed against her breast, and he quickly turned to see if he woke her.  Miranda’s slowly smiled as she opened her eyes.  Wesley was moving his arm under her legs to pick her up as her eyes finally opened and he saw the look.  His heart fell as he caught the flash of disappointment that passed her face at first, but still, she settled in and rested her head against his chest.   Could he have been mistaken and misread her?  No, he was sure he wasn’t.  So that left the question, what name did she say earlier.  Could it have been Roman?  He kicked the truck door shut and walked up the stairs carrying Miranda to the bedroom and gently placed her on the bed.  Before that look he would have considered staying here with her tonight but now, he needed to get away before he said or did something he would regret.

When Miranda leaned up and kissed him, it took all his resolve to not see how far she would go.  He could imagine removing her clothes and marking her as his once more, but his beast was agitated and his anger was near the surface and he didn’t want to risk what headway he had made, so he brushed the hair from Miranda’s eyes, placed a gentle kiss against her lips and whispered his goodbyes.

He got in his truck closing the door with a loud bang, snatched the iPod from the dock and threw it down in the seat beside him and quickly speed back towards Shreveport and the house he was working on there for them.  He needed to do something physical and right now taking out that brick privacy wall with a sledgehammer seemed like the perfect project.  There was no way he was going to sleep tonight thinking of Miranda dreaming about another man, he might as well make use of the sleepless night.


Fleeing Independence?

(Written in Miranda’s Voice)

Miranda didn’t  know how long she had been sitting there absentmindedly running her fingers through the stream of water as the tub filled but if she hadn’t looked down when she did, well let’s just be glad it was a large sunken tub.  Having earlier pinned her hair up and dressed in only a robe she quickly slipped out of it and cast it aside to rest by the baby monitor as she sunk to her neck in the fragrant water.  Leaning her head back against the tub she thought about her time since moving to Louisiana with Aidan and the things that she had been through.

Hours, Days, Weeks, Months….had so much time passed so quickly?  She had to admit it had.  Mother’s Day, Father’s Day…..Fourth of July.  She now understood why people think that the best marker of time is the holidays they celebrate.  Then maybe it wouldn’t seem like time flies so quickly and maybe she  wouldn’t have this overwhelming sense that something was coming, something that would change her world, more than she had already changed it for herself.

Reaching beside her Miranda grabs the washcloth and  pours a little more foaming bath oil on it. She begin to make small lather circles along her skin as she washes first her foot, ankle, then on up her leg and thigh where she absent mindedly runs a finger over the now healed scars from the feeding, a first for her, in many ways.  She feels her body start to respond to just the memory of that time with him.

Yes Miranda definitely has a type, blonde blue-eyed bad asses…and what could be more bad ass than a vampire, unless it happened to be a werewolf.  Luckily for her, she had both, HAD being the appropriate word.  One had dropped off the radar completely and the other….

She had to give Wesley credit.  He was trying.  He found out about her “indiscretion” and for the most part, he took it in stride.  That wasn’t the reaction she had expected from him.  In truth she had expected him to rattle the windows with his fury, for so many reasons.  His wife had been unfaithful.  She had taken another man into her bed, or as Wesley would say she had laid with a fucking corpse.  She sighs as she drops the washcloth beside her and settles back into the water.

She had to admit it had felt good to give Wesley a taste of his own medicine.  He had been ignoring their marriage vows for what seemed like the time they came back from the honeymoon.  Miranda had finally grown tired of it, and his abuse and had left.  Technically, when she met Roman, she had been separated but if she was honest with herself, it wouldn’t have mattered.  Something about that vampire drew her to him.  Maybe it was because she had never really been around  vampires before.  She definitely hadn’t been with anyone but Wesley in that way.

Sighing in frustration Miranda took the pins from her hair and dunked her hair under the water, she didn’t need to think about Roman anymore than she had.  Bon Temps gossips had been quick to wag how he was back with his ex, some feisty brunette that use to call the town home.  Miranda should just write her encounter with Roman off as a temporarily but wonderful suspension from her reality but she was raised to believe that everyone enters your life for some reason.  Those same beliefs told her that there was a lesson she hadn’t learned yet, or she wouldn’t keep seeing his eyes when she dreamed.

Those eyes and those dreams had been the cause of her trying to be amiable with Wesley.  He was trying and she found herself walking a thin line between trying to restate her Independence from Wesley and falling back in to old patterns  like when things were good between them.  Maybe that was the real comfort in being with someone who knew you, that when you’re there and feeling vulnerable, you can lie to yourself.  You could tell yourself that things will be different, because part of you wants them to be.  Was that what Miranda was, doing?  Why else would she accept Wesley’s invitation to go to the fireworks on the Fourth.

Quickly rinsing herself, Miranda stepped out of the tub and wrapped herself  in a towel all the while she berates herself.  She isn’t sure what lesson there is to be learned from this, but whatever it is, she needed to learn it and quickly, because many more nights like Sunday and all of her good intentions will be for naught.  She truly understands why the old saying says that the road to hell is paved with them, she just hopes that whatever is coming for her, isn’t sent from that locale.